Nova Biomedical- Hospital Based Blood Gas and Critical Care Analyzers

Nova Biomedical- Hospital Based Blood Gas and Critical Care Analyzers
Walk-Away Sample Analysis

Bioprofile CDV

Cell Density and Viability

BioProfile CDV incorporates advanced, state-of-the-art technology for rapid, accurate measurement of cell density and cell viability in cell cultures. Based on the widely recognized and accepted trypan blue exclusion method, BioProfile CDV combines advanced technology in robotics, optics and computer algorithms in a highly automated analyzer:

Walk-Away Sample Analysis
A fully-automated, 12-position sample tray allows walk-away sample analyses. Samples can be continuously added to the tray, allowing continuous workflow.

Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Interface

BioProfile CDV’s touchscreen interface includes time-saving features like an autocomplete function for faster same ID, batch ID, vessel ID, and cell type entry. Operation is as simple as entering sample information, loading sample cups, and touching" Analyze". Results are displayed for each sample as soon as testing is complete.

High-Resolution Vision System

A high resolution vision system provides precise auto-focusing on a mono-layer of cells within the counting chamber and captures high-quality cell images. Images from up to 40 optical fields are captured in seconds.

Fast Cell Counts, Less Than 3 Minutes

BioProfile CDV automation, high-speed image capture and image processing combine to provide fast cell counts and high throughput. A comprehensive cell count is available in less than 3 minutes, with throughput up to 20 samples per hour. Test results include:

Total cell density
Viable cell density
Percent viability
Live cell diameter
Live cell standard deviation/histogram

Accurate, Reproducible Cell Counts

Advanced algorithms rapidly process images from up to 40 optical fields, allowing thousands of cells to be counted for more accurate, reproducible cell counts.

Low Cost of Operation

BioProfile CDV reduces operating cost by consuming minimal reagent volumes. Easy-to-use reagent cartridges analyze over 300 samples per cartridge and can be replaced in minutes.

With a high-resolution measurement range of up to 80 million cells per milliliter and a cell count analysis time of less than 3 minutes, BioProfile CDV is the ideal productivity tool for biopharmaceutical cell culturing, production, and cell-based research.


To request BioProfile CDV literature and specifications, click here.